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Anne Cossé


Anne Cossé is an international author, speaker, energy therapist and intuitive coach.

She helps people from all walks of life to get their health and life back on track.

After a successful career in the International Banking Industry in different countries, she went on to share her knowledge and passion for cultures and practiced as a cross-cultural communication and management coach, teacher and business owner for a decade. She trained thousands of people in the fields of communication, change management and cross-cultural differences.

Progressively, Anne enriched her training and coaching with her personal interest for self-improvement and finally decided to fully align with her passions and purpose, and help people on an personal level. She went back to school and trained in natural wellness techniques in the U.S.A., France, Spain and Singapore. She is a Certified Acupressure Practitioner and a Reiki Master & Teacher.

For years she has combined all her abilities and experience to help individuals on their way to personal and professional development - taking a specific interest in how women attain an overall well-being experience -, and organizations to understand and cope with stress.

At the same time Anne took the plunge in writing, a long time dream. To help individuals make their dream of professional freedom happen, she started with a practical guide about self-employment.

Then she went on writing practical DIY acupressure guides, to help people achieve wellness in a natural and sustainable way. Her books are distributed and sold in print and digital formats across many platforms around the world. She started blogs about wellness in English and in French, published a newsletter and contributes articles about holistic wellness, self-improvement and spirituality.

Anne has been interviewed by many media in the USA, Europe and Singapore.

Anne’s Qualifications

Vocational education:

Certified Acupressure Practitioner (U.S.A.)

Therapeutic Shiatsu Practitioner (France)

Certified Intuitive Guidance Practitioner (Singapore)

Reiki Master & Teacher (France, Spain, Singapore)

Academic education:

MBA (HEC School of Management, France)

Master of Engineering (Ecole Polytechnique Féminine, France) – Major: Energy